On The Road #3


Congratulations on entering the Tour of Good Hope! We are more than excited to host you in the first week of March!
As we get closer to race day we are needing a few final confirmations from you regarding dietary requirementsmoving categoriesvehicle transfers and shuttlescombining teams, and feeding.

Entrants that have booked the full package will receive lunches (only) after each stage, except stage 5.
We kindly ask if you could please click the button below and send us any specific dietary requirements that we should know of, if you booked the full package.
Coffee and food vendors will also be available each day.

Entrants who would like to change category type need to please click the button below and email us the required information by no later than 31 January 2020.
There is no fee applicable in changing your category but any changes after this date might incur costs.

Shuttle Service:

If needed you can leave your vehicle at the start of stage 1 and 3 and book a shuttle for you and your bike back from the finish.
R250 per stage.

Vehicle Transfers:

Your car can be safely driven during stage 1 and stage 3 from the start to the finish R350 per stage.

 Please click the button below to book vehicle transfers and shuttles. Bookings close on 11 February 2020.

Entrants that entered as individual but would like to join / form a team need to please click the button below and email us the required information by no later than 31 January 2020.

Any rider/team that has a qualified manager will be allowed to be fed during the race. Please note that feeding will not be allowed in the first 50km nor in the last 20km. Depending on weather conditions, the rule in the previous sentence may change. This will be governed by CSA during the race. Riders in the TG bunch will not be allowed support besides the neutral support and sweep vehicles.

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